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Good Lifestyle Organization Goes Beyond Your Bedroom Closet

By Jane Woolsey, An Organized Vision

Before and After

Whether a mudroom, craft room, or laundry/utility room, all will benefit from a fresh approach at controlling your possessions.

Do you have areas in your home that drive you crazy every time you walk into them? By using Rubbermaid’s Configuration kits and its many accessories, you can organize any area in your home and make your life easier. In addition, there is a real economic benefit to the Rubbermaid Configuration – it does not limit you to the confines of a specific closet. It allows you to see and use whatever space you have, to its maximum. It is a huge plus in our downsizing environment.

Configurations helps organize your Laundry Room

The beauty of the system is its ultimate flexibility as there is no cutting required. Rods are extendable and retractable. You can maximize any space without the risk of cutting too much or too little. Your design possibilities are limitless given the adaptability of the product.

Some examples:

  • In the laundry room, designate a wall area and install the kit with a plan that allows you to hang shirts and pants to dry on hangers. With so much Lycra in clothes these days you need more hanger drying than ever. Rubbermaid Configurations adjustable shelves and telescope rods make it easy to hang clothes to dry. While outdoor drying may be ideal, it is hardly practical in condos, urban areas or in the winter. An added bonus is being able to store your laundry supplies and products on the top of shelves in colourful baskets and/or use Rubbermaid Configuration accessory baskets.
  • A mudroom can be streamlined easily with Rubbermaid Configurations. Set up an area for each person that gives them a place to hang their coats, slide out baskets for mitts, gloves, scarves and shoe racks on the floor, for all their boots and shoes. Laying a rubber mat under the shoe rack will help to keep the floors clean. The nice thing about Rubbermaid Configurations is that you can design them to facilitate any size of person, so your little ones will be able to use it as well as the adults in the family.
  • A craft room can also be well organized using a kit in the closet of the room. Add more baskets and shelves for all of the various crafts and a label to each of them so things are easy to find and to return to their proper homes. Hanging space can be used to dry those precious pieces of artwork using clothes pegs on the hangers.

Now having done all this, life truly will be simplified. Enjoy!

Jane Woolsey, award winning former President of Profession Organizers in Canada, believes both personal and professional lives are enhanced with smart organization. Her career in business, her company, "An Organized Vision", her media appearances, testify to her success in training, tools and support to assist others.