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Configurations is a closet that fits every life stage

By Deanna Kelleher, kAos Group

Your family is growing and so is your closet! A pregnant mother means multiple sizes and seasons of clothing, a newborn means lots of onesies and sleep blankets and a toddler means plenty of changes of clothes. There are the day-to-day clothes, the athletic wear, Sunday best and clothes for the cottage.

While you’re keeping up with this wonderful, fast-moving time of life, Configurations Closets can help you keep everyone’s closets functional too!

Configurations Closets gives us the flexibility that we need to fit the organization of our closets around our family’s growing and changing needs. Here are three life stages and the tips on the Configurations pieces that can help.

Pregnant Life Stage

Pregnancy means your body is changing at speeds otherwise unknown to humankind. What fit yesterday may not fit today but may well fit again in 6-12 months. How can you manage the many sets of clothes and keep dressing simple?


Group like items together:

  • Top Layer
    • casual & comfortable pants, t-shirts
  • Under Layer
    • Bras, undies, tights/pantyhose
  • The other stuff
    • Shoes, scarves, athletic gear, pj's
  • Clothing not in use...but will be soon after giving birth


Flat surface Shelves neatly hold your favorite folded casual pants and T-shirts. Flat shelves make putting freshly laundered clothes away much easier.

Hang space for dress tops, casual tops, pants, skirts and sweater/button downs.

The Configurations clothing rods glide smoothly from side to side and are effortlessly adjustable.

Drawer Cubes store undergarments and T’s for easy access.

Newborn Life Stage

Your baby won’t care if her closet is organized, but you and your fellow caregivers will! Organization makes it simple for others to help with newborn baby care.


Group like items together:

  • Top Layer
    • pants, tops, t-shirts
  • Under Layer
    • Onesies, diapers
  • The other stuff
    • Shoes, socks, pj's
  • The discard pile
    • Outgrown clothes to be saved for siblings, sold, or donated

Install the Configurations:

Drawer Cubes - Great for keeping many of the tiny items of clothing corralled.

Sliding Wire Basket - makes it easy to see what's inside. Use higher shelves in the closet to put the clothes they've outgrown in 3 wire baskets, labelled "Save" "Sell" and "Donate" and toss outgrown clothes there!

Shelving - perfect for keeping the diapers and wipes handy plus all those cute little outfits that they'll grow out in one month's time.

Newborn Life Stage

Toddler Life Stage

A great tip for survival with toddlers is to empower them to dress themselves and put away their laundered clothes. You’ll want your child to be able to reach some shelves and hanging clothes in the closet.

Adjust the infant closet you already have to include:

Low hanging Closet Rods and Adjustable shelves empower your little one to get dressed and put away her own items.

Shoe Cubes round up the shoes, Barbie dolls, or monster trucks!

Sliding Wire Baskets can contain things that don’t need folding and you can label the shelves as they start to read!

Toddler Life Stage

Deanne Kelleher, the pragmatic and energetic leader behind kAos Group’s vision and patented Core Four System successfully and passionately helps clients identify and implement needed changes to enhance organization in their professional and personal lives.